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xD-Picture Card 512MB

$ 69.98
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Memorydealers has 512MB xD-Picture cards- Olympus/Fuji 200859 & 651915 in stock and ready to ship. All Memorydealers 512MB xD flash card memory upgrades carry a lifetime warranty and ship same day. Compact and durable, the Olympus/Fuji xD-Picture Card is the ultimate reusable digital media. The xD-Picture Card responds to consumer demand by offering the smallest digital media format of its kind on the market, with very fast data transfer rates. It uses less power than comparable storage options and has a potential for up to 8GB storage capacity. xD-Picture Cards were designed for maximum durability, so it’s easy to feel comfortable trusting them with important digital information. Ultra-Compact and Lightweight -- the Smallest Flash Media Card Available Provides High Read/Write Speeds Necessary for Today's Newest Digital Cameras Rigid Memory Card Construction for Exceptional Durability For all xD-Picture Card Compatible Digital Cameras

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