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Hardware WS-C5000 Switches Transceiver Module



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Cisco Catalyst WS-C5000 Chassis

The Cisco Catalyst 5000 Family, which includes the Catalyst 5000 Series and Catalyst 5500 Series, offers a complete set of enterprise switching solutions that deliver robust and comprehensive solutions for the wiring closet, as well as small- to medium-sized campus backbones.

The Catalyst 5000 Family consists of five modular chassis - Catalyst 5500, Catalyst 5509, Catalyst 5505, Catalyst 5000, and Catalyst 5002. All five chassis share the same set of interface modules and software features, providing scalability while maintaining interoperability and investment protection across all chassis.

In order to meet the evolving needs of todays networks the Catalyst 5000 Family offers five supervisor engines that can be deployed in any Catalyst 5000 chassis. This broad range of supervisor offerings allows the Catalyst 5000 Family to deliver products that are optimized for the wiring closet or small- to medium-sized campus backbones.

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