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 Spybreaker for WiFi Router + Installation  Transceiver Module


Spybreaker for WiFi Router + Installation

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Spybreaker software license + Professional remote installation. Turn your Wifi router into a secure OpenVPN appliance – includes free support and updates for life Spybreaker is: - A web application that installs on popular routers
- The easiest way to run OpenVPN on your router
- The most simple and secure way to set up a VPN client gateway
- A powerful privacy tool More information available at

Includes all features and functionality, including: -Remote installation assistance via TeamViewer - Easy VPN Configuration
- Easy Server Switching
- Speed Test
- Ad/Telemetry blocker
- Connection monitor
- Failover
- Free support
- Free updates for life Price includes remote installation. Spybreaker engineers will use Teamviewer (a remote hands application) to access your router, flash it, and install the Spybreaker application. Just connect your router to your computer, start the Teamviewer application, and our engineers handle the rest. Please contact us to schedule a time for the installation.
More information available at Router not included. Requires a supported router. Click here for a list of supported routers NOTICE TO ALL MEMORYDEALERS CUSTOMERS ORDERING SPYBREAKER PRODUCTS: BY PURCHASING SPYBREAKER HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE, YOU AGREE THAT THIS AGREEMENT IS ENFORCEABLE AND FORM PARTS OF THE CONTRACTS BETWEEN MEMORYDEALERS AND YOU, THE CUSTOMER. Spybreaker hardware may include "Open SSL" and/or "Open SSH" ("Third Party Software"). Spybreaker software may facilitate the installation of "Open SSL" ("Third Party Software"). The Third Party Software is subject to export restrictions under US and EU law because they include encryption technology. You, the customer, are solely responsible for ensuring the legality of using the Third Party Software in your country. You expressly agree not to export the Third Party Software to any country that is subject to a trade embargo. You further agree that you are not ordering these products from or planning to export these products to a country on the list of embargoed countries. Currently this list includes Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

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