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Hardware CISCO837-K9-64 ADSL Broadband Router Routers Transceiver Module


CISCO837-K9-64 ADSL Broadband Router

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Part Numbers: CISCO837, CISCO837K9 DRAM Memory: 32MB Default, Option 48MB Max Flash Memory: 8MB Default, Option 24MB Max Interfaces: LAN: 4 port 10/100BASE-T with autosensing MDI/MDX for autocrossover WAN: ADSL over POTS-Annex A, Console RJ-45 ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) S/T RJ-45-ISDN BRI S/T port which can be configured for ISDN backup or out-of-band management Functionalities: DSL Modem, VPN Pass-Thru, Firewall, DHCP Server, Voice over IP Gateway (VoIP), Security

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