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Hardware CISCO803-20PK Routers Transceiver Module



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ISDN Router - 4 x 10Base-T LAN, 1 x ISDN BRI (S/T) WAN, 2 x Phoneline Cisco CISCO803 ROUTER. Data link protocols: Ethernet, ISDN, X.25. Authentication method: PAP, CHAP, TACACS+, MS-CHAP, Security algorithm supported: DES. Internal memory: 4 MB. Built-in processor: 1 x Motorola MPC850 33 MHz. Operating temperature range (T-T): 0 - 40 °C, Operating relative humidity range: 10 - 85 % The Cisco 800 series router offers enhanced network security and reliability through the power of Cisco IOS technology tailored for small offices and telecommuters. Cisco 800 series routers extend the power of Cisco IOS technology to small offices and corporate telecommuters. With Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), ISDN Digital Subscriber Line (IDSL), and serial models, the Cisco 800 series of routers addresses virtually all WAN services required by small offices and telecommuters. Cisco IOS technology offers enhanced security, reliability, and safe investment with low cost of ownership to enable customers to benefit from the Internet economy by increasing productivity, simplifying communication, and reducing costs. The Cisco 800 series enables customers to benefit from value-added services such as managed network services, virtual private networks (VPNs), point of sale (POS) applications, and secure Internet access. The Cisco 800 Series includes four ISDN routers, one serial router, and two IDLS router models and a choice of software feature sets. The Cisco 803 model adds a four-port Ethernet hub and two RJ-11 interfaces for telephone devices such as telephones, fax machines, and modems.

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