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Agilent-Avago AFBR-5601Z (100% Agilent Compatible) GBIC Transceiver Module


AFBR-5601Z (100% Agilent Compatible)

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Agilent Compatible GBIC Transceiver Module

1.25 GBd GBIC Transceiver for Gigabit Ethernet, RoHS Compliant

* Compliant with Gigabit Interface Converter specification Rev 5.4 (1)
* Compliant with proposed specifications for IEEE 802.3z/D5.0 Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Base-SX)
* Performance:
500m with 50/125um MMF
220m with 62.5/125um MMF
* Horizontal or vertical installation
* AEL Laser Class 1 eye safe per IEC 60825-1
* AEL Laser Class 1 eye safe per US 21 CFR
* RoHS Compliance
* Hot-pluggable

Memory Dealers buys and sells large quantities of AFBR-5601Z. Every AFBR-5601Z comes with a 1 year warranty and usually ships the same day the order is placed. If you are looking for used or refurbished AFBR-5601Z, please give us a call at 1-877-486-5650.

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