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64MB PC133 SDRAM 168-pin DIMM

$ 6.99
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64MB PC133 SDRAM 168-pin DIMM *CT8M64S4D7E, MT4LSDT864AG-133. *This module may be manufactured by Samsung, Micron, Infineon, or Memory Dealers depending on availability. This module is in stock and can ship today. *64MB 168pin PC133 SDRAM DIMM made with 4 chip 8x16, 8 chip 8x8, or 8 chip 4x16. *Compatible with NEC Express 5800/HX 4100 (Pent. Pro) Server, 5800/HX 4100 (PII Xeon) Server, 5800/HX 6100 (Pent. Pro) Server, 5800/HX 6100 (PII Xeon) Server. *042307, 061908, 091608, 111108, 010809,

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