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Finisar 53DPAAU4JBLCB (Finisar Original) 300 PIN Transceiver Module


53DPAAU4JBLCB (Finisar Original)

$ 51,847.00
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* NRZ-DPSK modulation format * 43.01 – 44.6 Gbps * 300pin MSA standard compliant * DWDM tunable, 50G spacing across C-band, extended C-band and L-Band wavelengths support options * Optical demodulator available with FSR = 50GHz or FSR = 66.7GHz options to enable support of both 100GHz and 50GHz DWDM spacing. * Self dynamic Rx. chain auto-tune algorithm based on FEC statistics feeding interface for optimal performance tracking. * Provides both direct input and PLL mediated (jitter reduction circuit) reference clock. * Superior OSNR sensitivity. * OIF, SFI-5.1 compliant interface. * I2C interface based control and monitoring. * Post-installation firmware upgrade is non traffic effecting. * No need for power up sequencing. * Dimensions: 127 × 102 × 17 mm. * Optional: Flat-top or integral heat sink as part of 17mm height.

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