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512MB Samsung-Apple OEM PowerBook PC133 SODIMM (p/n M8631LL/A)

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Part Numbers: M8631LL/A, M464S6453DN0-L7A, KTA-PBG4/512

512MB 144pin PC133 3.3V SODIMM

Compatible with Apple:
• iBook 300Mhz, 366MHz Blue, 366Mhz (Graphite), 466Mhz Special Edition
• iBook 300MHz, 366MHz, 466MHz Clamshell (M2453), 500Mhz Rev A (Model # M6497), 500Mhz Rev B (Model # M6497), 600 12" (M6497), 700MHz 12 (M8860LL/A), 800MHz 12 (M8861LL/A), 800MHz 12 Combo Drive (M9164LL/A), 800MHz 14 (M8862LL/A), 900MHz 12 (M9018LL/A), 900MHz 14 (M9009LL/A)
• iBook 300MHz, 366MHz, 466MHz (M2453)
• iBook 600MHz, 700MHz, 800MHz, 900MHz 12" (A1005)
• iBook 600MHz, 700MHz, 800MHz 14" (A1007)
• iBook and Flat Screen iMac
• PowerBook G3 400Mhz (Firewire, Pismo, 2000)(M7711LL/A, M7572)
• PowerBook G3 500Mhz (Firewire, Pismo, 2000) (M7572), G4 500Mhz (Titanium), G4 550Mhz (Titanium) (M8362LL/A, M8407), G4 667Mhz (Titanium) (M8407), G4 800Mhz (Titanium), G4 867Mhz (Titanium), G4 1Ghz 15 (Titanium) (M8858LL/A, M8859LL/A, M8592LL/A), • PowerBook G4 667MHz, 800MHz, 867MHz, 1GHz 15" (A1001)
• PowerBook G4 667MHz, 800MHz, 867MHz, 1GHz 15" (A1025)
• PowerBook Firewire, PowerBook TI

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