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512MB 144-Pin PC133 CL3 SDRAM SODIMM

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512MB 144-Pin PC133 CL3 SDRAM SODIMM *CT64M64S4W75, KVR133X64SC3L/512, M6464A30, MT16LSDF6464HG-133, MT16LSDF6464LHG-133, HB52RF648DC-75B, HB52RF648DCA-75B, HYS64V64220CBDL-75, HYS64V64220GBDL-75, 19K4656, 19K4657, MT16LSDF6464LHG-75, MH64S64APFH-6L. *Swissbit is a world leading manufacturer of memory modules. This module is in stock and can ship today. *512MB 144pin PC133 CL3 16chips 32x8 SODIMM. *Compatible with Please check your notebook documentation for compatibility. *041107, 040408, 041708, 082508, 082808, 090508, 110508, 111208, 032709, 110708, 021610, 060611

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