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2GB (4x512MB) Kingston Sun Blade/Sun Fire X7051A Memory Kit (p/n KTS7050-2048)

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Sun Blade/Sun Fire 2gb (4x512mb) X7051A Memory Kit
Compatible with:Sun Blade 1000 with 600MHz CPU, 1000 with 750MHz CPU, 1000 with 900MHz CPU, Blade 1000 Workstation, 2000 Blade 2000 with 900MHz CPU, Blade 2000 with 1.015GHz CPU, Blade 2000 with 1.05GHz CPU, Blade 2000 with 1.2GHz CPU, Blade 2000 Workstation, Fire 12K with CPU 900MHz, Fire 12K with CPU 1.05GHz, Fire 12K with CPU 1.2GHz, Fire 15K with CPU 900MHz, Fire 15K with CPU 1.05GHz, Fire 15K with CPU 1.2GHz, Sun Fire E20K, Fire E25K, 280R (A35), 3800, 4800 (750MHz), 4810, 6800, Netra 20 (N28).

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