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256MB TwinMOS PC3700 DDR466 184pin DIMM (p/n 256MB-PC3700-DDR466)

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*This module is manufactured by TwinMOS.

*256MB 184pin 2.7V PC3700 non-ECC. Clock Frequency of 4.3 ns/CL2.5, bandwidth up to 3728MB per second.

*The testing results using SiSoft Sandra 2003 Memory Bandwidth Benchmark and Gigabyte GA-8SQ800 Ultra motherboard (using SiS655 chipset) with an over-clocked CPU show TwinMOS PC3700(CL2.5) is 15.4% higher than that of PC3500(CL2), and 31% higher than that of PC3200(CL2). The efficiency of TwinMOS PC3700(CL2.5) is still 23% higher than PC3200(CL2)even when using a non-overclocked CPU.

*The speed of 466MHz is achieved with out raising the supply voltage beyond 2.7V by using 4.3ns Twinmos chips. Do not damage your memory by raising the voltage above 2.7V.

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