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256MB Samsung 184p PC800-45ns 8-device ECC RDRAM (p/n 256-SAM-800)

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*RBU800X18-8/256, MR18R1628AF0-CK8, MC-4R256FKE8D-845, THMR2E8Z-8, HYR1812840G-845, KTD-XPSB8/256, KTH-PVL800E/256, MR18R1628DF0-CK8, MR18R1628EG0-CK8, MR18R1628MN1-CK8, KTC-7338/256, KVR800A18-8/256, HYMR212818H-845

*This module may be manufactured by Samsung, Elpida, Infineon, Toshiba, Kingston or Hynix depending on availability.

*256MB 184p PC800-45NS 400MHz, 8-Device ECC RAMBUS.

*Compatible with all PC800-45ns 400MHz applications.

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