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1GB (2x512MB) Apple PowerMac G5 PC3200 DDR Memory Kit (p/n MD-M9297G/A)

$ 38.95
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Part Numbers: M9297G/A, M9653G/A, KTA-G5400/1G, 065-4976

2pcs 512MB 184pin PC3200 DDR DIMM

Install in pairs in the Power Mac G5

Compatible with Apple:
Power Mac G5 1.8GHz (M9031LL/A), • G5 1.8GHz (M9555LL/A)
• G5 A1047
• G5 Dual 1.8GHz SuperDrive (M9454LL/A)
• G5 Dual 2GHz (M9032LL/A)
• G5 Dual 2GHz SuperDrive (M9455LL/A)
• G5 Dual 2GHz 16x double-layer SuperDrive (M9747LL/A)
• G5 Dual 2.3GHz (M9748LL/A)
• G5 Dual 2.5GHz SuperDrive (M9457LL/A)
• G5 Dual 2.7GHz (M9749LL/A)

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