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16MB 72-pin 60ns 2K EDO SIMM

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16MB 72-pin 60ns 2K EDO SIMM *4MBx32-60 SIMM, MT8D432M-6X, KMM532C4104BK-6, KMM5324104CK-6, MT8D432M-5X, MC-424000F32P-60, KMM5324104AK-6, MC-424000A32B-60, MH4M325CMXJ-6, THM324005BS-60, KMM5324104BK-6U *This module is manufactured or refurbished by Memory Dealers depending on availability. This module is in stock and can ship today. We guaranty this module will work in your machine. *16MB 72pin 60ns EDO, 2K refresh, 8 chip 4x4 tin-lead SIMM. *Compatible with many Intel CPUs, Windows systems, as well as proprietary systems. Please consult your manual to confirm compatibility.

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