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128MB PC100 9c 16x8 ECC SDRAM 168pin 1Rx8 UDIMM

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128MB 168-pin PC100 9c 16x8 ECC SDRAM DIMM *CT16M72S4D75, THMY7216H1EG-80, MT9LSDT1672AG-10, MH16S72PHB-8, M374S1723DTSC1-H, KMM374S1723BTS-GL *This module is manufactured by Gigaram. This module is in stock and can ship today. *128MB 168pin PC100 9c 16x8 single-banked SDRAM DIMM. *Many Intel CPUs, Windows systems, as well as proprietary systems. Please consult your manual to confirm compatibility. *100906, 082508, 042610

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