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128MB IBM Workstation PC100 ECC DIMM (p/n 01K1131)

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128MB IBM Workstation PC100 ECC DIMM (p/n 01K1131)

128MB 168p PC100 18c 8x8 ECC SDRAM DIMM

Please consult your system manual to determine compatibility

Confirmed compatible: with IBM IntelliStation E Pro 6893-1xx, E Pro 6893-xxx, M Pro 6889-xxx, M Pro 6889-5xx, M Pro 6889-7xx, M Pro 6889-8xx, M Pro 6889-9xx, Netfinity 1000 8477-xxx, 3000 8476-xxx, 3000 8476-5xx, 3000 8476-6xx, 3000 8476-70U, 3000 8476-71U, 3000 8476-80U, 3000 8476-81U, 3000 8476-90U, 3000 8476-91U, 3500 M10 8655-xxx, PC 3000GL 6263-xxx, PC 300GL 6268-xxx, 300GL 6275-xxx, 300GL 6275-Fxx, 300GL 6275-Gxx, 300GL 6275-Rxx, 300GL 6277-27U, 300GL 6277-55U/70U/71U/75U, 300GL 6277-7DU, 300GL 6277-7EU, 300GL 6277-7HU, 300GL 6277-7KU, 300GL 6277-7xU, 300GL 6277-87U, 300GL 6277-88U/98U, 300GL 6277-8HU, 300GL 6277-8JU, 300GL 6277-8KU, 300GL 6277-9JU, 300GL 6278-S1U, 300GL 6278-S3U (SBS), 300GL 6278-S5U, 300GL 6278-S6U (SBS), 300GL 6278-S8U, 300GL 6278-SAU (SBS), 300GL 6278-SBU (SBS), 300GL 6285-xxx, 300GL 6285-66U, 300GL 6285-G1U, 300GL 6287-xxx, 300GL 6287-22U, 300GL 6287-4BU, 300GL 6287-5BU, 300GL 6287-61U, 300GL 6287-69U, 300GL 6287-7BU, 300GL 6287-7CU, 300GL 6287-91U, 300GL 6287-92U, 300GL 6287-96U, 300GL 6287-9GU, 300GL 6287-KVM, 300GL 6288-16U, 300GL 6288-17U, 300GL 6288-31U, 300GL 6288-36U, 300GL 6288-41U, 300GL 6288-44U, 300GL 6288-45U, 300GL 6288-46U, 300GL 6288-47U, 300GL 6288-48U, 300GL 6288-49U, 300GL 6288-50U, 300GL 6288-51U, 300GL 6288-53U, 300PL 6862-xxx, 300PL 6872-xxx, 300PL 6892-xxx, 300PL 6892-Sxx .

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