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Memory 128MB IBM Aptiva 168pin PC100 SDRAM DIMM (p/n 01K1138) Ispirati 2001 Series (6300-xxx) Transceiver Module


128MB IBM Aptiva 168pin PC100 SDRAM DIMM (p/n 01K1138)

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128MB IBM Aptiva 168pin PC100 SDRAM DIMM (p/n 01K1138)

128MB 168pin PC100 CL2 16chips 8x8 SDRAM DIMM

Please consult your system manual to determine compatibility

Confirmed compatible: with IBM NetVista N2800, N2800 8364-AUS, N2800 8364-BUS, N2800 8364-EUS, N2800 8364-TUS, Aptiva 2139-E6U, 2139-EJ2/EJ3/EJ4/EJ5, 2139-EJ6/EJ7/EJ8/EJ9, 2139-EL3/EL4/EL5/EL6, 2139-EL7/EL8/EL9, 2139-EM1/EM2/EM3/EM4 , 2139-EM5/EM6/EM7/EM8, 2139-EN1/EN2/EN3, 2139-EP4/EPF, 2139-SE7, 2153-E2N/E2F, 2153-E3N/E3F, 2153-E3U/E4N, 2153-E5U, 2153 E18, 2158, 2177, 2171 5xx, 52K, 52S, 52T, 54A, 54C, 54F, 54G, 54J, 54P, 54Q, 54S, 54T, 54U, 54V, 54W, 55F, 55J, 55T, 55U, 56F, 56U, 57F, 57G, 57U, 58F, 58G, 58J, 58P, 58U, 59J, 60G, 61G, 63G, 64G, 72G, 73G, 74G, 75G, 76W, 78G, 545, 550, 585, 900, 901, 902, 903, 904, 905, 906, 910, 911, 912, 913, 914, 915, 916, 920, 921, 922, 923, XX1, XX2, XX3, XX4, XX5, XX6, XX7, XX8, XX9, XXA, XXB, XXC, XXD, XXE, XXF, XXG, XXH, XXJ, XXK, XXL, XXM, 2172 54G, 57G, 58G, 60A, 60G, 61A, 61G, 62K, 62S, 62T, 71A, 71B, 71Q, 72A, 72C, 72V, 72W, 74A, 74C, 74V, 75A, 75C, 75V, 907, A20 2276-11U, N2200e 8363-AUS, N2200e 8363-BUS, N2200e 8363-EUS, N2200l 8363-TUS, N2200w 8363-WUS, N2800 8364-AUS, N2800 8364-BUS, N2800 8364-EUS, N2800 8364-TUS, PC 300 GL Celeron 433 (62775DU), (6275 95U), (6275 R1U), (6275 R3U), 6268-16U, 6275-44U, 6275-55U,56U, 6285-56), 6275-66U, 6275-83U, 6275-95U, 6275-F1U, 6275-G3U, 6275-R1U, 6275-R3U, 627594U/95U, 6277-27U , 6277-35U, 6277-55U/70U/71U, 6277-5DU, 6277-70U, 6277-71U, 6277-72U, 6277-72U, 6277-7DU, 6277-7EU, 6277-7HU, 6277-7KU, 6277-87U, 6277-87U, 6277-88U, 6277-88U/98U, 6277-8HU, 6277-8JU, 6277-8KU, 6277-98U, 6277-9JU, 62773U, 6278-S1U, 6278-S3U (SBS), 6278-S4U (SBS), 6278-S5U, 6278-S6U (SBS), 6278-S8U, 6278-SAU (SBS), 6278-SBU (SBS), 6278-SDU (SBS), 6278-SEU (SBS), 6285-66U, 6285-G1U, 6287-22U, 6287-4BU, 6287-5BU, 6287-61U, 6287-69U, 6287-7BU, 6287-7CU, 6287-91U, 6287-92U, 6287-96U, 6287-9GU, 6287-KVM, 6288-16U, 6288-17U, 6288-31U, 6288-36U, 6288-41U, 6288-44U, 6288-45U, 6288-46U, 6288-47U, 6288-48U, 6288-49U, 6288-50U, 6288-51U, 6288-53U, 6288-70U, 6288-71U, 6288-73U, 6288-74U, PC 300PL (6862 N1U), (6862 N5U), (6862 N6U), (6862 S2U), (6862 S4U), (6862 S9U), (6862 V2U), (6862 V5U), (6862-11U), (6862-18U, 6892-12U), (6862-23U, 6892-14U), (6862-24U, 6892-16U), (6862-27U), (6862-27U, 6892-20U), (6862-34U), 6862-N0U, 6862-N2U, 6862-S1U, 6862-S2U, 6862-S3U, 6862-S4U, 6862-S5U, 6862-S7U, 6862-S9U, 6862-V1U, 6862-V2U, 6862-V4U, 6862-V5U, 6862-W2U, 6892-N2U, 6892-S2U, PC 300PL Pentium III 450 (6892N2U), PC 300PL Pentium III 500 (6892N4U), E Pro 6893-4xx.

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