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The GBIC (gigabit interface converter) input/output transceiver converts signals between Ethernet networks and fiber optic networks by connecting a gigabit Ethernet port with fiber optic patch cords. GBIC classifications are based on working wavelengths, data transmitting rates, working power, and the working distance. GBIC fiber optic interfaces are typically SC types, while the laser function is 850 nm VCSEL, 1310 nm FP, 1310 nm DFB, and 1550 nm DFB. GBIC transceivers are hot-pluggable, making then suitable for converting one type of external interface to another simply by plugging in a GBIC with the appropriate opposing interface. The GBIC transceivers can be interconnected in gigabit Ethernet hubs and switch environments. The versatile design of GBIC converters makes them practical for other high performance, point-to-point communication that requires gigabit or fiber channel interconnections.


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